Saturday, September 27, 2008

Top 6 Things Currently Running Through My Mind

Ever wanted to know what Super-Geniuses think about? Well, here's your chance to step inside Wilma's mind for a brief glimpse at what's currently on her mind:

6. If it wasn't for Scrabble, I would have deleted my Facebook profile months ago.
5. Once a month, I really, really hate being a woman.
4. I'm really, really bad at keeping in touch with people. All my true friends realize that & forgive me.
3. I wasn't cut out to be a working girl. Why wasn't I born into a noble family in Victorian England where I could be waited on & pampered in the custom to which I wish I were used to?
2. I procrastinate a lot.
1. I think I was the 20,000th visitor to my own damn blog, checking in from work to see if I'd hit 20,000 yet.


french panic said...

3: I am waiting for a patron to throw some money at me. Specifically so I can just write about my opinions on various things. I'm supposed to be self-employed right now. It's not going well.

Wilma said...

Oh, yeah! One of those old-timey British Patrons who pay you to sit around & create art of some kind.

Put me down for one, too.