Wednesday, September 24, 2008

100 Reasons

Normally I stay away from any sort of political commentary or favouritism, since I like to keep my political views to myself. I think the whole political process is duly maligned because, well, it's full of rotten buggers trying to make a name for themselves & live off the dole for the rest of their rotten lives.

I don't like to discuss politics. Not because I am woefully misinformed {although my opponents often are} but because most of those around me are adherents to the opposition, & I would like to keep on good terms with my friends & family as much as possible. I get a little, um, shall we say heated during debates, especially when it is a topic I feel rather strongly about. I have very strong, very defined beliefs on politics & I just choose not to get into that sort of thing. It's really for the best, wouldn't you agree?

I do, however, enjoy a political roasting now & then ~ all the better if the claims are based on actual facts.

In that vein, check out the following 100 Reasons Not To Vote Conservative.

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