Friday, August 15, 2008

Love The One You're With ~ Sometimes, It's Easy

I had the best convo with Puffy last night.

I noticed that something was going on with him ~ he wasn’t his usual, clean-shaven self, especially in the upper-lip area, so I asked him about it.

Moi: What’s going on with your upper lip?
Puffy: What?
Moi: What the hell? Did you forget to shave?
Puffy: I thought maybe I’d grow a moustache.
Moi: Oh. So what’s your porn name going to be?
Puffy: Dick Strokes.
Puffy: Yup. Dick Strokes, C.S.I.
Moi: C.S.I.??
Puffy: C.S.I. ~ Casual Sex Investigator.
Moi: You know I’m going to use this on my blog, don’t you?
Puffy: I’m not here for your amusement. I don’t do things so you can make fun of me with your bloggy friends.


Moi: So, can I take a picture of your moustache to go with the story?
Puffy: Sure.

Boys & Girls, introducing my husband, Porn Star Dick Strokes, C.S.I.


Kyanite said...

What a star Puffy is already!

And, I always like a tash... when LB shaved his off I hated it!

Anonymous said...

Oh Puffy--or should I say Dick Strokes, CSI--I think you will be more popular than Ron Jeremy anyday.