Friday, August 08, 2008

Did You Miss Me?

Holy crap in a bag, Batman, we've got liftoff! After 8 days of no Interweb, things were getting pretty tense here at Chez Wilma. Like, divorce tense. Cuz if I found created one more "make-work, keep busy" project around here, Puffy was filing. Yup.

It's amazing all the things you can do when you don't spend 4 hours on the Internet per day.

Comme ca:

  1. Paint closet in spare room.
  2. Get stiff from climbing up & down step ladder, bitch & moan about sore legs.
  3. Stain new piece of furniture for spare room.
  4. Take 2 days to come down from high of inhaling stain.
  5. Bring new piece of furniture home & organize contents.
  6. Defrost beer fridge.
  7. Drink beer to avoid it getting warm.
  8. Laundry.
  9. Paint extra shelves for shelving unit.
  10. Stock shelving unit with movies.
  11. Read 4 books.
  12. Vacuum. Like corners with cobwebs & everything.
  13. Do dishes. Several times.
  14. Shred zucchini for baking.
  15. Clean bathrooms.
  16. Paint display boxes & put up in spare room. Fill with collectibles of a cartoon nature.
  17. Hang pictures in spare room.
  18. Tidy house.
  19. Do financial report for place-that-I-worship. Four times a year is enough, right?
  20. Stock liquor cabinet.
  21. Shop for groceries.
  22. Water plants.
  23. Sort through 10 years of papers & throw away 3/4 of them.
  24. Watch several football games. Cheer when the Riders win {YAY!} & sob when they finally lose {now 6-1 this season}
  25. Talk to 4th contractor about putting in new windows that have been sitting in the garage since April. I've got a good feeling about this one!

That's about all I can think of now ~ I'm shutting my brain down, as I've been working in overdrive for the last week trying to keep busy & also get the house ready for company this weekend.

Will be drinking martinis & eating kebobs with Peanut & Vinnie in about 2 hours.


Kyanite said...

Great to have you back...
And, enjoy the w/e!


Fairy Mae said...

Peanut and Vinnie...WTF???! Have a drinkie for me!