Sunday, August 31, 2008

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

I finally did it. I finally got up the courage & the inner strength to make a clean break, a clear get-away. I've been terribly unhappy for a long, long time & needed to do something about it to maintain my sanity & happiness.

I finally transferred all the files from my old computer to the new.

It took some doing, mind, & I think I shed 12 pounds whilst doing it, but it's finally done. The old, nasty, blue-screen-of-death computer can be stripped of its assets & wiped of its memory. I'm through. I'm done. I'm finished. I've broken free of its tyranny & I'm not going back. I want to take a sledge hammer to it, but Puffy has plans. "Good luck!" I say to him. Back away from the cursed one before it threatens your mental well-being as well as mine.

"Windows Easy Transfer" ~ not so easy & not so much transferring happened. I ended up using my 4GB memory stick to physically transfer files {from computer room to living room as laptop battery was dying & there is only one, count them, ONE plug-in in the computer room}.

But, happily, all I need is here on my new baby now.


Kyanite said...

I hope you & your baby will be very happy.
Little Buddy always called my laptop my child...
When we had to evacuate a hotel room in the night due to a fire alarm, I saved it!

Anonymous said...

yeah that windows easy transfer should be called suck a couple hours out of my life transfer button and it doesn't work

Dirty Dog Studio said...

Wish you were my neighbor. My ritual: a glass of wine watching the sun set...better than any 30 minutes of TV. Calvin is King! I am older than you and my motto is "Old Age and Treachery Will Overcome Youth and Skill". Love your blog.