Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Top 6 Things To Avoid Whilst Drinking Red Wine

Sometimes, very rarely, alcohol can get you into trouble. Sometimes, very rarely, doing something may seem like a really good idea while you're riding the booze train but it isn't, it really isn't, & the following are some examples based on personal experience:

6. Calisthenics ~ in my opinion, exercise at any time is a bad idea, but much worse while drinking red wine. The wine won't stay in the glass if you're hopping about & that's just never good.
5. In depth discussions on the causes of WWII ~ talking politics of any form is just bad form & a bad idea with a wine glass in your hand & a heavy bottle within reach.
4. Explaining family dynamics ~ tears are going to be involved. There is no way around it. Also, a downer for those around you.
3. Tequila shots ~ there is a reason why there are no drink recipes for mixing red wine & tequila. They don't mix.
2. Moths ~ moths should always be avoided IMHO, but this is doubly true when drinking red wine. Somehow, the moths seem much bigger, faster & with more teeth.
1. Blogging ~ we've covered this. But I'm just making sure you heard me.

All righty-roo, boys & girls, go out & enjoy all the red wine you want. Just avoid these 6 things, & you'll do fine.

**Wilma & DBM not responsible for other foolish things you may do whilst drinking wine, including but not limited to grabbing friends asses, drunk-calling an old boyfriend, stalking your crush, or stealing road signs.

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