Thursday, June 26, 2008

Top 6 Reasons I Am A Super-Grumpy Super-Genius

6. My dizziness & nausea continue. Doctor unsure of why. Neck sore. Shoulders muscles tense. Pain a permanent companion to the dizziness & nausea.
5. Blue screen of death continues to plague me.
4. New computer, ordered on June 1st & shipped out on June 21st, still has not arrived. Dell stupid as a chicken.
3. Ticketmaster sent me a notice on June 25th telling me Elton John will be performing in Saskatoon. Tickets went on sale June 23rd & were sold out in 6 minutes. Ticketmaster even stupider than a chicken.
2. Waiting on three separate people to do some work for me. Phone calls go unturned. Why does no one want my money?
1. Headache bump back with a vengeance.

That is all.


Anonymous said...

A big hug to you.
Hope the sickness goes away asap.
Take care

french panic said...

my goodness.

Ticketmaster sucks. I mean: ELTON JOHN?????? in SASKATOON????? When does that EVER happen? Of course it's going to sell out in 6 minutes. It's ELTON JOHN. Rock gods don't hit the prairies too often. I'm sorry you are feeling like poop, I'm sorry stupid a-holes won't return your phone calls, and I am very sorry you are missing out on Elton John. Screw Ticketmaster.

Anonymous said...

Thanx for your sympathy. I'm not missing out on Elton John. A friend was able to get me tickets. So I'm happy about that.

He's going to Saskatoon & Regina - two nights in Regina. I think he likes us prairie folk. Cuz we're folksy.