Friday, June 13, 2008

Answer Gal ~ LG Marriage

Hey Answer Gal ~ how long has it been since gay marriages became

Five years .

Five years since gay marriage became legal in Ontario, & soon to follow, the rest of Canada.

Five years since we made one step closer to equality for all our citizens.

Five years, & surprisingly, my marriage doesn't feel any less sacred, any less relevant, any less of a marriage. It hasn't brought on the decline of civilization as we know it {that was George W's job}. It hasn't meant "that equal marriage would remove incentives for heterosexuality and so all women would naturally become lesbians" {my fav quote of the article}. I am no closer to being a lesbian now than I was five years ago.

Funny how all the doom & gloom never materialized; how people were able to calmly & quietly get on with their lives; how the protestations have died down.

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