Saturday, May 24, 2008

Weigh Day ~ Numero 3 ~ Day 16

So, getting confuzzled on when our actual end date is, the Three Musketeers decided to extend the bet until June 15th, which is, coincidentally, the date of my glorious birth.

After giving myself a good talking to & modifying my eating habits {no more chips & left over Easter Chocolate for supper} a teeny, tiny, wee bit, I've managed to come roaring in at z-1 this week.

Let's all bow to my amazingness.


Anonymous said...

Looks & sounds great!
If you want to link to me go for it I don't care!
I'm just glad you're my friend,as I appreciated your words.
I like you too.


Kyanite said...

Just a thought!
Why not add a chat box???
We both spend hours on line - we could talk & all your other friends could join in too!!!

Wilma said...

I've thought about that after seeing yours. I'm just a little worried that I would never see sunshine again!