Monday, May 05, 2008

An Open Letter To The Great One

Dear Mr. Great One,

I humbly beseech you to take pity on my poor, pathetic, Alzheimer-riddled brain & forgive me for the great travesty of forgetting your birthday yesterday. I nevah, evah meant to make you feel forgotten.

In my defence, I did remember {you may ask the organist at the-place-where-we-worship} but got company yesterday afternoon & had no chance to phone you with well wishes.

The computer saga also continues, so emailing is in short supply ~ kinda like brain cells & wine at Casa Wilma!

I solemnly swear to nevah, evah commit such a grave oversight again, & sincerely hope that you had a wonderful birthday.

Lurve & Kisses,
Wilma, Queen of the Absent-Minded


Anonymous said...

I forgot the Great One too.
And,he's such a handsome man!

Anonymous said...

OMG--there is a string of good looking ladies who forgot the Great One's B'day including me.

Happy B'day to the Great One and his twin!!

love yah

Anonymous said...

Greetings gals. it's nice to see that so many of you make note of my aging . As my Scotish cuz. once said 'it's great to be on the right side of the grass". So here's to you and here's to me and may we meet soon. TTFN ......... G.O.

Wilma said...

Always glad to smooch a little Great Ass!