Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Toll

Computer problems, a potential scary health issue {now resolved, more on that later}, & general business of life has taken its toll on me lately.

Once I take out my frustrations with a teeny, tiny, wee bit of smashy smashy on my computer {I'm currently using Puffy's} we'll return to our regularly scheduled programming.

My choices are few.

  1. Wipe the hard-drive AGAIN & reload everything AGAIN in hopes of fixing whatever the fricky fracky is wrong with the damn thing.
  2. Buy a new computer hard-drive.
  3. Buy a lap top.



Fairy Mae said...

ummm...I do enjoy my lap top!

Mrs.X said...

I'm always one for instant gratification - go for the lap top!

Scratchings in the Dirt said...

The computer tech that I sleep with doesn't recommend laptops. They are hard to work on if there is a problem. We have an external hard drive (doesn't cost very much) on which we store all data, and then he uses some kind of cleaner on the CPU. Give him a call if you want more precise details!!

french panic said...

Macintosh. Macintosh laptop.

Anonymous said...

hey we can put a laptop or external hard drive on our list of goodies to buy next weekend, among gambling, garage saling and possible HORSE RACING