Sunday, April 20, 2008

Happy Anniversary

2 years ago, my beloved & very patient Puffy & I got ourselves paperized after dating since 1987. On a beach. In Maui. Very similar to this one:

It was really warm & lovely {as was I!} & looking outside at the foot of snow we received in the last 24 hours, I really wish I was there again.

All my love to you, PK. You still rawk my world.

Update: Added for Puffy's viewing pleasure:


Anonymous said...

I'm more than happyn to say it 3 times.
Happy Anniversary!

french panic said...

Ah, the all-important piece of paper that proves to the world that your love is legit....what a fantastic excuse to head to Maui!

congrats on the 21 year/2 year anniversary!

Fairy Mae said...

I hope you had a really nice day despite the 10,000 feet of snow we have! Happy Anniversary my dear friend!