Saturday, March 01, 2008

Oh, Please!

A recent news item on sympatico claims "Researchers have uncovered another damaging consequence of spanking: risky sexual behaviors, or even sexual deviancy, when the child grows up."

The article goes on the claim that "A meta-analysis of spanking studies conducted by Gershoff found 93 percent agreement among studies that spanking can lead to such problems as delinquent and anti-social behavior in childhood along with aggression, criminal and anti-social behavior and spousal or child abuse as an adult."

If this were true, then 93% of the world's population from the beginning of time until Dr. Spock came out with his 'parenting' book would be violent, criminal, sexual deviants.

I scoff at this research. I scoff & I cast dispersions on the whole lot of them.

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Tom Weston said...

sexual deviance is a relative term, isn't it?

spanking might be considered sexual deviance. according to a google search, it sure is.

I think mind games work best in all situations requiring some degree of confrontation. Unfortunately, they always lead to damaging consequences.

Fortunately parental mind games also provide creative motivation for such gems as Arrested Development and The Royal Tenenbaums.