Sunday, February 10, 2008

Top 6 Rider News Items I'm Not Happy About

6. Trading Fred Perry to Edmonton {sack leader, defensive tackle leader, tackles for losses leader, and fumble recoveries leader}
5. Kent Austin leaving {so it's his alma matter. So what. Who cares? I'm not bitter.}
4. Releasing Corey Holmes {Riders all-time leader in kick-off & punt return yards}
3. Ken Miller as Head Coach {he's 66, set in his ways, & only been with the organization for one year}
2. Rumors of Reggie Hunt, Eddie Davis & Marcus Crandell leaving. {not my Reggie! I can't stand it!}
1. Kerry Joseph looking at the NFL {CFL's MOst Outstanding Player 2007}

I can't discuss any more at this time. I just can't.

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