Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Top 6 Rider News Items I AM Happy About

After all the negativity, craziness {Fred Perry trade, anyone?} & just bad karma floating around vis a vis the Roughriders, their GM {is he crazy? just a little?}, their coach {Ken who?} & all the other bits of nonsense happening, here's a list of good news in no particular order:

6. Matt Domingez re-signs, extending his contract by 2 years, with an option.
5. Winnipeg Mayor Katz shows up in Regina wearing a Green 'n' White jersey, waving to passing motorists beside a sign proclaiming the Roughriders the greatest team in Canada.
4. Eddie Davis re-signs with the Riders for a 1 year deal, plus an option.
3. Chris Szarka and Corey Grant have re-signed with the Riders.
2. Kent Austin nominated for CFL Coach of the Year.
1. Kerry Joseph was not offered a contract in the NFL & will be back leading the Riders to many a victory in 2008.

No word yet on my hunny, my sweetie, my cutie-pie {oh, yeah, & he's a good player too} Reggie Hunt, but I'm still praying to the Rider gods on that one.

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