Monday, January 07, 2008

What Does Music Mean To You?

I'm addicted. I'll admit it. I lurve the music. All kinds of music {well, not country cuz that's just wrong, & not rap, cuz I just can't understand what the hell they're talking about} classical, jazz, blues, rock, alternative, new age, punk, top 40 ~ I like 'em all. I can't resist rifling through stacks of LPs at garage sales, sale bins of CDs at WalMart, or asking friends to email me that cool new song they told me about. I am a collector. I have 8-tracks, LPs, 45s, cassettes & CDs & listen to most of them.

Now that I have my cool toy, I am slowly converting my music to digital. I think this may be part of the "Clear Clutter" mantra I was babbling on incessantly talking about earlier.

I so often find myself making associations between music & situations, music & people, music & adventures, music & locations. I have an individual soundtrack in my head for each one of my friends ~ whenever I hear songs, I immediately think "Oh, this reminds me of Velvis, this song makes me think of FancyPants, didn't Pebbles introduce me to this band? Betty lurves this song," etc.

Today, I made my TankGirl soundtrack a reality. After years of searching, tracking down hard-to-find songs like 'Lil Red Riding Hood by Sam the Sham & Dance by The Queen City Kids, I finally burnt my TankGirl Tunes CD with all the tunes that make me think of her. Except one. The reclusive, elusive "Aphrodisiac Smile" by Age of Electric.

Back in the day, when I was living with TankGirl in The City, we used to frequent an establishment on a regular basis that would bring Age of Electric in for entertainment, back when they had just released their first cassette & didn't really have any radio play or success beyond our rectangular borders. We did a teeny, tiny bit of hanging out with the band, as TankGirl had, in a former life, dated one of them. Of all their original tunes, Aphrodisiac Smile was always my favourite.

Unfortunately for me & the world at large, the song is lost in the nether regions of time & space, as it was never released in digital form {as far as I know}, thus never to be found online or anywhere other than the windmills of my mind. The sad thing, the truly awful thing about this? I can barely even remember how the chorus went.


Just spent ANOTHER 2 hours doing an exhaustive search for the song ~ something, anything, even a copy of the lyrics would do ~ & found Parlor Trixx. Their version of the song is available for the taking. So I took it. It's a little faster than I remember, but let's face it, boys & girls, I don't really remember much from 1991.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Any chance of you uploading your Tank Girl soundtrack somewhere? I've been slowly getting bits and pieces. Having a hard time though!

Wilma said...

Email me & I'll send them to you.