Wednesday, January 09, 2008


How do you clean freaks do it? How do you manage?

I just spent 20 minutes searching through the shredding box looking for an important piece of paper needed for income tax purposes. If I hadn't been so dagnabbit eager to "start the new year off right" by sorting out my papers, I would have been able to just lay my hands on it. Right away. Without delay. Or stress.

Thankfully, I'm a procrastinator & hadn't yet a) shredded any material or b) taken the whole lot to work to throw in the shredding box there.

I don't understand what weird cosmic force in the universe makes it so inherent that anytime you throw away/get rid of something, you immediately need it.

This, along with several other reasons that shall remain unspoken, is why I am a packrat.


Headgirl said...

It's an un-written law 'shred it & you'll want it' or 'give it away & you'll miss it'
Hence me having a house full of clutter too...
And, here's me saying I'm going to sell up this year... LOL!

Take care

PS - am coming up to my 1st year anniversary of my on-line Diary... decision time... do I continue, done more than I ever thought I would, 1270+ posts!!!
Must be mad but can I maintain the momentum - don't think I spelt that right, but whats new!
Am mixed feelings about continuing.
Do you ever think of fading away???

Take care,
A thoughtful Blue

Wilma said...

No, I am enjoying the blogging very much ~ still. I just have to step back & remind myself sometimes that it is for ME & for fun that I do it. No commitments, no expectations, if I miss a day {or 12} it's okay.

Headgirl said...

Hi again!

I've just passed on a blogland award to you! Thought it was a rather appropiate one!