Sunday, December 02, 2007

Help A Girl Out, Willya?

Going crazy. Going Out Of My Head! Gotta work tomorrow & have a piece of trivia stuck rolling around in my head that I can't definitively place & I won't sleep properly until I do.

Join me in taking the WayBack Machine on a trip to the '70s, if you please. Maybe early '80s.

Wilma's got an earworm & can't get rid of it without your help, boys & girls, so if anyone out there knows where this is from, or knows someone who might know, please tell me or pass it on.

Children's show, late '70s, early '80s, bunch of kids doing silly skits, Canadian, played Saturday morning.

At the end of the show, they would tell you to write to them & sing a little ditty so you'd remember their address. Remember it I have.

P - O - B - O - X 7070, Station A, Montreal Quebec....that's P - O - B - O - X 7070.

Was this the show "Let's Go!"?


Anonymous said...

is it...romper room


french panic said...

uh, I just googled some of them there lyrics and one of the suggested sites is Corrections Canada.

Were the small children singing in jail?

Wilma said...

Velvis ~ definitely not Romper Room. It was a bunch of tween/teens doing skits for the 8-14 age group.

Frenchie ~ well, now, if it was in jail, it was the brightest, most techno-coloured jail I ever done did see!


Did they slime people??

Bruno Rocco said...

was it the banana splitz

Wilma said...

Bruno ~ not the "Banana Splitz" ~ definitely a Canadian show.

Cougar ~ I thought about "You Can't Do That On Television" but it was filmed in Ontario, & I don't think it's mailing address was Quebec.