Thursday, October 11, 2007

Germs By The Numbers

  • Office workstations have 400 times more germs than toilet seats.
  • Telephones have up to 3,894 germs per square centimeter.
  • 511 germs can be found on a square centimeter of a keyboard.
  • 260 germs per square centimeter can be found on a computer mouse.
  • Certain cold and flu viruses can live for up to 72 hours on surfaces.
  • In the average office 20 per cent of coffee cups contain fecal bacteria.
  • 1 in 4 purses carry the E.Coli bacteria

In one study, restaurant tabletops had more than 2 times the bacteria count of diaper changing tables.

The top 3 germiest locations in the average house are:

  • 1. Kitchen sponge or dish cloth
  • 2. The kitchen sink
  • 3. The bathroom sink

Toilet seats are ranked at 8 in the list.


Headgirl said...

I'm having my first glass of wine for 17 days & I come to visit and I've lost a month of my life...HELP


Anonymous said...

Holy crap I knew that Saskatchewan didnt change time--but never heard that they change months?

Wilma said...

So, what are you saying, I screwed up?

Well, fine. I admit it. I screwed up. It's early in the morning. I can't help it.

Wilma said...

FYI for inquiring minds ~ the date on this post was initially Nov. 11 but has since been corrected.