Thursday, November 29, 2007

Bright Light, Bright Light!

Left the house today for the first time since Sunday. The Sun was soooo bright! I felt like a vampire emerging from the coffin, hissing at the brightness of the world.

Grocery shopping {baking supplies for cookies for Grandma}, picked up the mail, bought lotto tickets, got a new stereo {hurrah!} as mine keeps crapping out & pissing me off.

I'm off to make some cookies while Puffy figures out the electronical equipment. Proper delegation means no fighting ~ or less fighting ~ whatever! It keeps the peace.


Headgirl said...

Hi there,

Glad your finally on the mend!!!

Now, you are do come play a tag game - 8 random facts!

Take care

Queen of Halloween said...

Blue seems to have beat me to tagging you about the random things. Suki has tagged you to tell about the 7 weird things about "The Demon Spawn" instead...go to her site to find the rules and her weirdness...thanks QoH