Thursday, November 08, 2007

Answer Gal

Hey Answer Gal, answer me live these questions five...

1.) Have you ever wished, you were born the opposite sex & explain your reasons?

Yes, I have wished I was a man at some points in my life. I think men have things a lot easier than women &, as we all know, I'm lazy & prefer the easy way. I may not always take it but...

Men aren't as complex to deal with in relationships. Men friends can be told to f*%k off & {most} will not pout about it for a week. You can be more blunt with a man. You don't have to sugarcoat things for a man. You can phone a man, ask him a question, get the answer & hang up ~ all in the space of 1/5 minutes ~ without a lot of chatter.

So I've wished I were a man so that most of my friends would be men.

That, & I really want to pee standing up.

2.) Tell me a true tale about a favourite personal celebration or holiday - i.e. Birthday, Christmas, Halloween, Summer etc ?

When I was 16, I was becoming very independent. I had a job, a car I could use, a boyfriend, good marks in school, & didn't really want much to do with my family at that point.

In my family, birthdays were considered "family days". I DID NOT want to spend my 16th birthday hanging with the fam {the ultimate, biggest day of my life to that point} & so I devised a way to get out of it.

My friend & I planned my "surprise" 16th birthday party. She had it at her house, & I told her who to invite. She then phoned my parents & told them they had to figure some way to get me to the party without me knowing.

They were thrilled to be let in on the "secret". I was thrilled to spend the evening with my friends. It was win/win. In retrospect, phoning them 1/2 way through the party & pretending I was surprised & couldn't believe they kept the secret was mayhaps a little over the top.

3.) If you could just up sticks & go somewhere new, where would it be and who would you choose as your travel companion & why?

I have always wanted to travel to Europe & I would have to do that for the first time with Puffy. Just the look on his face when he saw a real, live castle for the first time would make the whole thing worth while.

4.) What is your favourite game/sport to play & watch?

Ummm, well, CFL Football, baby! I do lurve me my football. I do lurve me some fit, fit men in spandex pants.

I don't play sports, unless drinking is a sport. Is it a sport? Then I'm Queen of the Martinis!

5.) If you were to write a book, play, poem about your-self, what would you call it, and quote the opening line?

This question is hard cuz I've thought about this many times. I actually do want to write a book about me {who doesn't!}, although it will have to wait to be published until after I'm dead. & Puffy is dead. & everyone I know is dead. But then ~ who would read it?

Let's see...a book:
Title: Death Bed Moment.
First line: Maybe it's the crack talking, but sometimes I feel like the only sane person alive.

Thanks Blue for the questions!

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Headgirl said...

Very good answers!
Expected nothing less...
Glad you got acknowleged at play festival.