Monday, November 19, 2007

Another One Bites The Dust

Puffy is now down for the count with The Sick. The DeathCold has attacked him, made it past his perimeter, & managed to get off a lucky shot on his one vulnerable spot while using the force & not relying on the targetting system...

Oh hell. I was going for this whole Star Wars thing riff, but I'm too sick & tired. That's right. I am SICK & TIRED of being SICK.

Now I have to work tomorrow, & Puffy gets to call in sick & eat left over Halloween candy & watch Star Trek re-runs moan feverishly on the couch while sipping apple juice.

Life sucks sometimes, huh?


Tom Weston said...

I was expecting a post all about your team going to the Grey Cup.

I only follow football through your blog, you know.

I may even watch the game on sunday, cause I get nothing done on weekends anyhow. I might even cheer for Sasktchewan.

Wilma said...

You better cheer for Saskatchewan!