Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Wrong Number

I was working diligently today ~ actually at work WORKING for a change ~ when I answered the phone. Cuz it was ringing.

Moi: Good afternoon, place-where-I-work, Wilma speaking.
Them: {Silence.}
Moi: Hello. Place-where-I-work. Hello?
Them: {elderly woman's voice} Is that Audrey's?
Moi: No. Who were you trying to call?
Them: Are you up Moncton way?
Moi: No. You've called Saskatchewan.
Them: Oh. {Pause} What's the weather like there?
Moi: Nice. It's sunny today.
Them: Oh, it's sunny here, too!

I lurve people who can roll with the flow. {That's a new saying, I've now copyrighted it so don't be stealing it as your own without giving credit to moi!}.

I dial wrong numbers all the time ~ mostly cuz I refuse to use the phone book. I am utterly & completely convinced of my own super-genius {as are you, or you should be}, & truth be told, I actually do have most of the local numbers in my head somewhere. I make Puffy test me sometimes. Ah, Friday nights are SOOOO FUN at Chez Wilma!

There are only so many people living here in Dodge, & I figure I know most of them so what's the worst that could happen? I dial a wrong number & talk to someone I haven't seen for a while.

Never dialed New Brunswick, though.

I used to get frequent phone calls for "Kim". From Washington. The caller, in all their wisdom, would dial 306 instead of 360. Couldn't figure it out. I always made fun of them, but now, looking back, I'm feeling a little ashamed. Mayhaps they were dyslexic?


french panic said...

This makes me want to say "How very Canadian!" but maybe they talk about the weather too much elsewhere, too.

It is weird how weather can really bring people together...any conversation with my Alberta living parents involves discussion of the weather. Same with my west coast sister. I don't think I ever talk about the weather with my friends in England. Unless they tell me about their weekend trip to Portugal.. and I have to remember, oh yeah, they live in Europe and can visit multiple countries in a day. Poop on them.

Wilma said...

Lucky Europeans with their frequent travel to other countries. A pox, I curse them with a pox!