Thursday, October 18, 2007

I Can So Relate


Headgirl said...

On a roll to-night, for once can get into 'Comments'
Have missed so much, don't know what to say!
You always make me laugh & more, share many of your Death Bed Moments.
Today I celebrate 1000 posts - cricky! All your fault! LOL.
As Halloween draws closer I fondly remember my part in 2002- will be doing a post onit soon.

Hope 1 Act Play is going well, read your thoughts about direction etc. I think you should speak out about - hey - you have the experience, why risk failure because the newcomers/youngsters don't know the finer pionts...

Take care
Love Blue

Anonymous said...

Good got the play back on track and no one is mad at you for it...I say you are our born leader!
I'm finally enjoying my part!
TY for words of encouragement to keep going!

ps...what have you done to my computer that makes me unable to leave your about keeping one!

Wilma said...

Yes, well, that's the end of my meddling.

As I told Puffy today, I can't very well want to get rid of responsibilities & then still think I am in charge. Doesn't play both ways.

I WILL conquer my inner control-freak. I will.