Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Facebook Angst ~ Part 74,685

Why, why, WHY do I do this to myself? Why?!?

I'm cruising Facebook, intrigued by the news feed that someone I know has befriended one of my friends. Suddenly, I'm caught up in the intricate web of who is friends with whom, going down one blind alley after another, discovering an astonishing amount of people out there who I know & like, who I thought knew & liked me, who have never once tried to befriend me.

Am I that forgettable? Am I not as amazingly fabulous as I thought I was? Why aren't these people seeking me out? Aren't they as intrigued about my life as I am? Cuz, let's face it boys & girls, my life is damn intriguing. Didn't 13 inquiring minds vote in the latest poll? Hmmmm?

Bah! More & more I'm beginning to believe that Frenchie & Blue had the right idea when they quit Facebook.

But I really like playing Scrabulous & have 6 games on the go right now.


Tom Weston said...

Yup, it is a cult for sure.

Seeing as my 109 friends has dropped to 107 friends... I can only imagine that I insulted someone at some point.

Perhaps it is the lies that I have be inserting into that evil account.

Headgirl said...

Hey! Am in!
Sorry, so frustrated here...
I quit Facebook, because I didn't like the friendshp competion. And, do I have to share brushing my teeth with the world...
You're a very sociable individual, unlike me - so enjoy!
Just out of interest have just done a post on Halloween - Dodge Court House Style!