Friday, September 14, 2007

Top 6 New Places I Go

I spend a lot of time on the internet. I fully admit it. I believe I may have blogged about it in the past? Ah, yes, here it is. But that is neither here nor there.

Whilst on my travels in the interweb, I have found many other funny, entertaining, & talented bloggers. Let me tell you about them. In a list. A Top 6 List. Cuz I like lists. A LOT! These are in random order, so don't anyone get their panties in a wad. I'm just saying.

6. Sharon ~ she's just a girl with dreams of happiness

5. Librarian Girl ~ she's just a girl who works with books & is witty as hell

4. Kris ~ she's just a girl with a 3 legged cat who likes a drink or three

3. French Panic ~ she's just a girl who works with archives {& deleted 1 of my comments for unknown reason, but I forgive her cuz she's smart & actually visits MY blog & leaves comments!}

2. Pamplemousse ~ he's just a guy who can take a joke

1. CougarMama ~ she's just a girl I know from back in the day

Also, this just in, new place Ladybird ~ she's just a girl who wrote a great article about smoking which sucked me in to reading her blog.

If you have some spare time, check them out, leave them comments, tell them how wonderful I am. No, wait. That's not quite right. Well, anywoo, go visit them.


Tom Weston said...

Oh, Hooray!

Despite me completely ignoring my blog for the last several days, you still linked to me! And my bestest friend, French Panic.

And this is reason number 4 why today is pretty damn cool for Pamplemousse.

Expect reciprocity!

french panic said...

uh oh. I'm wondering what the hell I deleted. You should know that I often blog whilst drunk or stoned and sometimes I hit random buttons and often live my life like I don't know what I'm doing. Because I don't know what I'm doing.

But I do know that you and I would have loads of fun having a FUBAR festival.

I also know that blogger may have done something weird - one of your comments is about my post on Canadian movies but it appeared on another post that has nothing to with Canadian movies.

Blame blogger. Blame The Man, man.

Wilma said...

Pamplemousse ~ I should have {could have, would have} also said that you take some really cool photos. Black & whites are my fav!

Wilma said...

French ~ that's the comment! What the hell over?!? It's on a diff post? Here I was developing a complex or something, you know, more than I already have. Therapy was great but let's face it, the man was no miracle worker.

Damn blogger. Damn him/her/them. Damn The Man for bringing me down.

french panic said...

Yeah. I thought it was weird, but I just figured you were drunk or depressed over a football game or something - randomly hitting buttons, etc.

It's blogger. Damn them. Though I can't really damn them because it's free and it's feeding my internet addiction.

The code I have to enter to leave a comment is:

That's right. It has the word fart. Today is going to be a good day.


Ok..I am sure in my wine induced state that I wrote a comment here last night. ???

I wanted to thank you for reading my I only started it originally because of my part-zheimers (couldnt remember a thing to tell the grandparents).

Now...I have the worry of trying to keep it entertaining and that sucks! So, please dont expect too much!!!

Thanks again...V2

Wilma said...

Frenchie ~ you made me laugh out loud! Depressed over a football game HA! You really DO read my blog.