Sunday, August 26, 2007

Green & White = Victory

August 18. Saturday. At lake. On the edge of my seat. Drinking beer ~ or was it wine?

What a riveting game! The good guys {Riders} played the bad guys {Edmonton} & once again proved that the heart-breaking loss of July 20th was nothing more than a freak fluke-thing ~ & yes, that is the official term for it.

It was a crazay, scary time in the city that rhymes with a lady part, as there was a 45 minute delay-of-game while they waited out a lightning storm that caused a power outage at Mosaic Stadium.

The wait didn't faze the NUMBER ONE TEAM IN THE LEAGUE, as they came out roaring to secure the win & their NUMBER ONE TEAM IN THE LEAGUE spot in the standings.

Many thanx to Peanut & Vinnie for indulging us in our obsession.

Many cheers & whistles to the die-hard fans who stayed during the blackout to witness the end of the game, & the achievement of the NUMBER ONE TEAM IN THE LEAGUE {first time since 1976 the Riders reached a 6-2 season start}.

Many congrats to the boys in Green for a great season so far, & for their appreciation & high-5's to the die-hard fans who stayed till the bitter end. Made me a little teary-eyed. Just a little.

Many boos & hisses to the CBC for only returning to the game on the Regina station. How rude! Not only Saskatchewan residents care about the outcome of the game. You suck!


Anonymous said...

I always in joy your RIDER update, keep th world posted. I was in Edmonton at the time, so I was among a bunch of losers. I think you and I should plan a date to attend a Rider game together. The stadium would never be the same. T3

Wilma said...

You aren't just whistlin' dixie there, my friend. Those poor fans wouldn't know what hit them. Neither would Gainer!

Sounds like a plan!