Sunday, August 26, 2007

Computer Fix-Ed, Wilma Hap-Pee

As you may or may not know, the boy, Puffy Kracker, ordered a new computer. Anxiously awaiting its arrival, he had trouble sleeping & may have pouted every day the call didn't come announcing delivery.

Computer arrived Friday. One very happy boy living in Chez Wilma.

The plan was to link up our 2 units onto a "network" so that they can talk to each other ~ presumably when we're not home to entertain them & they are feeling lonely. The plan was not going well. Harley came over & for 2 days, they fought with various quirks & other {pardon my language} fuckery that the computers were bringing to the table. I wisely stayed upstairs, quietly reading my book & trying without success to keep the DemonSpawn from annoying them further.

Things came to a head late Saturday afternoon when they quit in disgust.

Enter BamBam & Fritzy, Dodge's answer to

After a couple libations, & a click of the mouse & a clatter of the keyboards, {okay, maybe it wasn't quite that simple, but it makes them sound good!} problems were solved & we are back in business.

So now, you may find PK & moi clattering away with our backs to each other, doing our own thing on our own units, happy as clams, not talking but at least in the same room together, which is more togetherness than we had before.

However, boys & girls, I swear on all that is holy & sacred to me that we will not, never, EVAH play online cards with each other. That is just one line I am not willing to cross.

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