Saturday, August 04, 2007

The Accents Are Easy, It's The Beatings That Are Hard

Last night, well, early this morning, I dreamt I was on a tour of England with FancyPants. We were staying in a shabby little room above a shabby little local pub. FancyPants was down in the pub making friends & discussing politics {or whatever, that detail is fuzzy} & I blundered down the stairs to join her & the locals after "freshening up". I was nervous to talk too much cuz I didn't want to offend the English people.

Then I woke up.

Why would I be offending the British? I am part British myself, FYI. How could I offend them?

Boys & girls, I have a personality quirk. Not really sure if you can characterize it as personality, or faulty wiring in the brain, or mayhaps the headache bump is just pressing on a certain area but I pick up accents really easily. Too easily. When Bronco B's cousins from London visited, I had one day, ONE DAY's grace of speaking like I normally do, then I was full-on British accent for the duration of their stay.

I can't help it. I automatically pick up accents. Accents, nuances of speech, even flamboyant gestures all work their way into my psyche. Mayhaps, I'm just incredibly suggestible.

I narrowly avoided calamity on a cruise once while talking to some girls from Long Island. I had been partaking of the free beverages supplied on a day-trip {yummy, Margaritas!} & was extremely susceptible to their accents. It took less than 10 minutes & I was talking & gesturing wildly just like a Long Island Local. It could have come to blows. I could have been engaged in a beat-down. Luckily, they were also well into the Margarita glass & accepted my slurred explanation.

Cuz no-one should mess with girls from Long Island. Those chicks can take care of themselves. & I'm not 1/8th as tough as Margaritas make me believe I am.


Tom Weston said...

I have a similar affliction. When I hung out with aussies in Nepal, I ended up talking like them. I hated it and it took some weeks to rid me of the lazy speech and whining sound in my voice.

My father had it worse. I went to french immersion and on meet the teacher wine and cheese nights, my dad would start talking with a qu├ębecois accent that he seemingly could not help.

I struggle to avoid doing the same.

Wilma said...

It's hard not to do it! Plus, people sometimes look at you like you're a crack baby or something. Or they get upset because you're "mocking" them.