Thursday, August 02, 2007

Good Morning, Good Morning!

Here I am still in my pajamas with unkempt hair showered, dressed, & thinking about what to have for lunch. Of course I am! Who would waste their morning on Crackbook while there are peppers to chop & salsa to make?

Yesterday I bought 33 pounds of peppers: 22 lbs green & 11 lbs red. Hopefully, I will have enough to make a big-ass batch of salsa so I won't have to do it again for another year. Someone asked me as I was hauling them out to my car {all by myself, I'm independent like that, thank you very much} "What're you doing with all the peppers?" Um. Well. Wouldn't it be obvious? Or is it just me?

For years now I've been using my salsa as a last-minute gift resource, depleting the stores I have put away ~ what am I? A squirrel? ~ by handing out salsa left, right & centre, & bringing salsa to every party & potlucky thingy I've been too. Well, NO MORE! Salsa is a lot of work. Salsa takes a lot of time. Salsa is not cheap to make. I'm going to get stingy with the salsa from now on. If I hadn't been so generous, so free, so careless in handing it out to all & sundry, I wouldn't be in the pickle I'm in now {only 3 jars left in the storeroom}.

So enjoy those last bits of salsa in the jar, my friends, cuz those are your last bits.


Anonymous said...

Salsa does take alot of time, why don't you go to costco buy a big ass jar or two of it and put them into your jars with your special lids and sell it as yours.

Takes less time, and I do believe would even cost less.

Just a suggestion


p.s. but you do make a deadly salso so maybe that isnt a very good suggestion

Wilma said...

I would hope - & maybe this is just my ego talking - that people would know the difference.

Maybe they wouldn't?

Bruno Rocco said...

yes they would girl don't be trying to pass off some second or third rate shit salsa for "momma's best salsa ever" I would be able to tell . This reminds me of a scandel quite some years ago you remember the Milli Vanilli affair.