Sunday, July 22, 2007

Facebook ~ A Review

Facebook. It's all the rage in my circle of friends right now, & all over the world I guess.

I joined May 22nd at the invitation of a couple of friends. I still don't get it. Is it a competition to see how many friends you can get? Is it a networking tool? Is it a way to reconnect with people from your past that you've lost touch with? Is it supposed to replace email & blogging?

I don't get it.

Are you supposed to be friends with everyone who asks you? Can you not be friends with someone & not hurt their feelings? Should you ask everyone you know to be your friend?

I don't get it.

Is it more fun to add as many applications as you can find to spruce up your profile page? Do you invite all your friends to do the same? Do you spend hours on your page, adding photos & info & live updates on what you're doing right at THIS MOMENT {walking to the kitchen...showering...making breakfast...petting the cat} as a way for them to keep in touch with you electronically so you never have to speak or see them again?


I don't spend a great deal of time on there, but I do check it every day, & every time I get an email notification.

One notification that I didn't get was when a friend de-friended me. That's right. One of my Facebook "friends" removed me as a friend. No warning. No explanation. Just one day, they were gone. I'm not even entirely sure of when it happened. Is that rude? Do you think mayhaps you should tell someone if you're going to remove them? Can you imagine anyone not wanting to be my Facebook friend? They must be crazy. Or on the crack. Yup, a big ol' crackhead. That's the only logical explanation, right?

It's friggin' high school all over again ~ the doubts, the timidness, the worry of being rejected, the "I'll wait for them to talk to me so I don't have to look like a fool". Worst of all, you can see all your friends making plans or talking about the "fun time" they had with others, & you weren't there. It IS high school all over again.

So, basically, I don't know if I would recommend Facebook or not. I have re-established contact with a couple people I haven't seen or talked to in years, so that part is great. But I don't like the way it makes me feel about myself, namely enhancing the paranoia & lack of self-confidence that I have worked for years on my own & in therapy to overcome.

Puffy keeps telling me to quit. But I'm no quitter ~ I refuse to give up until I get the hang of it. Just like those Sudoku puzzles.


Oh Joy said...

Why is the Simpsons coming up in the background when I log into your page?

I have the same question about Facebooking. I think it really may be an online popularity pole.

Who defriended you? I think you need to put it right there in the open...

Wilma said...

If you scroll down further, there's a clip from the Simpson's Movie on there. It automatically plays every time you come on.

Can't figure out how to make it stop!

Wilma said...

Re: the de-friender... it's best left unsaid. Especially as I called them a possible crackhead.

All in good fun, of course!

flibirdijibit said...

Unbelievable! Yes.....facebook has to have it's limits. We can't let it rule us. We have to continue actually seeing eachothers little faces in person.
Perhaps the defriending was a slip of the cursor? These things happen. or perhaps they really are on the crack....that happens too I hear.

Oh Joy said...

Well I think it was rude. just rude. You should NOT defriend. Think about it before you BEFRIEND. If you aren't interested do not hit 'yes'. I mean really, how many friends does one really need???

Wilma said...

I imagine there's a pattern - a flurry of be-friending at the beginning when you first join, & then a period of thought, then a bunch of de-friending.

I often ask the same question - on facebook & in life - how many friends does one need? As long as they are good friends, not very many I guess.

Bruno Rocco said...

i think you should remove the defriender from your life all photos cut them out , remove from speed dial and address book etc etc . As well whenever you think about the "cracked" up defriender just say gone your gone from my memory never to come back again. That's my 50 cent worth.