Thursday, June 07, 2007

The Yard Of Doom & Endless Toil

I am headed out to the yard to weed, weed, WEED until the cows come home, until hell freezes over, until I'm blue {or most likely, red} in the face & still, STILL won't be done.

I should have taken photos before the big "tree clear-cutting" episode of 2007. You see, we have a virtual tree nursery in our backyard, & by virtual I mean literal. It is literally a baby-tree-making haven back there. I can safely say, with no exaggeration or wiggling of eyebrows, that there were at least 50 baby trees just growing willy-nilly. {"It's not willy-nilly: it's at crows." HAHAHAHA! What? No Corner Gas fans? What the hell?}

Okay, enough talk. It's time for action, & by action I mean I'm going to have my breakfast, put on tanning lotion & bug spray, find something 'yardy' to wear, fill a water bottle, find the phone & my smokes, & charge out into the yard around noon or so.

Will post {hopefully} before & after photos later, but here is an approximation of what the yard resembles right now...


Headgirl said...


You're not even a contender!
If the sun shines to-morrow I'll show you - whats what!

Wilma said...

You're so funny!

Filled 2 garbage bags full of weekds & crap that I don't want growing. I estimate another 6 before I'm done ~ and this is ONE CORNER of the yard, just the rock garden/dandelion pit I'm working on.

Ugh! I wish I could just blink my eyes & wiggle my nose & have it all purty.