Friday, June 08, 2007

Yard ~ Before & After

When we bought our house, we were pleased to learn that it had a fully developed yard. The lady that lived here before us {my grade 12 English teacher, FYI she's the person responsible for me being involved with theatre & writing, so thanx much to her!} had two green thumbs &, being a teacher, all summer off to putter in the yard making things beautiful.

My corner rock garden looked like this the first year:

After years of semi-neglect & rampant tree breeding, I've managed to make it look like this:

which I actually like better. I'm not a big fan of a lot of blank space in a flower garden. My English Grandmother used to have a beautiful area of flowers on the farm, & they were all blended in together, growing willy-nilly & spreading wherever. You couldn't see dirt anywhere. To me, that's what a flower garden is all about.

I'm not so pleased with all the weeds, but look at how things have matured in the last 6 years! None of the bushes were even there before. Amazing.

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