Friday, June 08, 2007

Word Of The Day - Paparazzi

PK & I have been so excited lately since we learned that a mourning dove has been nesting in our mountain ash tree. She sits there all day, every day, keeping her eggs warm, trying to ignore our curious looks. We check every day to see if she's still on the nest, & there she is, as reliable as the sunrise.
Today, while taking photos of the wild jungle, I decided in my infinite wisdom {read: abject stupidity} to take a photo of mama bird for posterity.

The click of the shutter scared her & she flew away.

She hasn't left that nest ~ as far as I can tell ~ for over 2 weeks, & I drove her from it today, ironically, in an attempt to show how faithful she is.

Now I'm too scared to check & see if she's come back. She'll come back, right? It's not like I touched the nest or anything. Please tell me she won't abandon her eggs over this.

This is what taking an interest in bird-watching gets you. Like I don't have enough guilt to haunt me.

1 comment:

Wilma said...

She's Back! I just snuck a peak & Mama Bird is back on the nest.

I vow not to disturb her again.