Friday, June 29, 2007

We Have Flowers

Today was the best day EVAH!

Okay, so it started out not too shit-hot. PK & I had... um... 'words' this morning before work. That always puts me in a real good mood for dealing with the public ~ surely you recognize sarcasm when you read it?

Then it was crazay bizay at work ~ well, it was no "Wilma Day" that's for sure {as we in the biz have nicknamed a slow day ~ I think people see my vehicle & decide to do their bizness some other time}.


  • The other casual said she was available to work tomorrow so I don't have to so I can sleep in a bit, get my speechy thingy finished, & do last minute stuffs before the company comes.
  • PK & I went to Harmony to purchase bedding plants for my outside pots {remember, boys & girls, the weather was cold, then I was sick for 2 weeks, & now I've been working for a week. No Time.} & there was LOTS of healthy, large plants to choose from.
  • The lady at the greenhouse informed me everything was 2 for 1! So I got twice as many plants as we originally agreed on.
  • I spent the LEAST amount of cashola on plants EVAH! In my life! $65.00 ~ can you believe it? That was only half my budget this year, so I saved a whack of moolah & may actually pay some bills & not be a deadbeat like my friend Pebbles.
  • We stopped at A&W for supper & my favs, the Mozza Burger, were on SALE.
  • We got all the plants put into pots & had the exact right amount of plants & pots prepared to put them into.

A great day.

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