Friday, June 15, 2007

It's (Cough, Cough) My (Hack, Hack) Birthday (Sniffle, Cough) WooHoo!

Let me tell you, Boys & Girls, I feel every one of my 36 years, & then some!

The plague continues to have a hold on me, although it's grip has been loosened by Drugs {YAY!} from Dr.W. Luckily, no throat infection {I suffered greatly from these from age 5 to 25 ~ at least 4 a year ~ & the medications made me vomit} but I have a lot of congestion in my lungs. For some reason, he was a little worried that I coughed up some blood?

On the plus side, I weighed myself this morning & I've lost 3 pounds since I weighed Tuesday.

Not the best way to lose weight, & I'm sure I'll gain it back once I'm on solid food & have an appetite, but right now, RIGHT NOW, I'm the lightest I've been in years.
Thank you all for your well wishes & birthday greetings. I may feel like crap-in-a-bag, but I still feel special today.

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