Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I'm A Worker Bee

Am a working girl ~ yes, I am, yes, I AM! ~ all week. Company is coming Friday so Puffy & I cleaned Casa Wilma from bottom to top. Hopefully the Demon Spawn will not mess it up too badly from now til then.

Other tasks that must get finished this week:

  • cleaning out plant pots from last year's flowers
  • buying flowers for pots this year
  • writing a little speachy thingy for grad ~ yes, I'm a speaker at the supper, yes, I AM!
  • putting laundry away
  • staying awake at work
  • practicing guitar ~ will make my lesson finally this week
  • balancing cheque book
  • balancing the books for the-place-where-I-worship
  • ironing {perpetually on the list as I HATE DOING THIS!}
  • unpacking from the weekend at the lake

Gosh, Busy Bee!

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