Thursday, May 24, 2007

New Shoes

More shopping! I lurve shoes almost as much as purses ~ BTW, totally off topic, but I will be selling purses at a garage sale in 2 weekends, so be sure to come & give me money! Location to be announced later ~ so recently, I have purchased some new footwear.

Pink Rocket Dogs in LA {these are the shoes that gave me the killer blisters, so I can only wear them with socks, or for short amounts of time}. How cute are these?!?

Black M.P.S. shoes purchased in LA. Note the gold detailing & wedge heel. I LURVE these shoes. Unfortunately, one is much looser than the other, so I must get an insert or something. But who cares? Look how gorgeous they are!

Red Nevada Patent peep-toe Pumps from Sears. These babies have a 4 1/4 inch imitation cork heel. These are some sweet, sweet shoes. Puffy wants to know where I'm going to wear them. "To get the mail" I replied. With these shoes, I can go anywhere!

Finally, brown leather M.P.S. open-toe slings from LA. Check out the stable heel on these puppies ~ not going to fall in these shoes! These are so comfortable, I may have to wear them today. Just around the house, cleaning toilets & practising guitar.

I am going to be well-shod this year, damnit!

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Headgirl said...

Oooh nice shoes! I'm jealous, very jealous... You should see my summer shoes... may just have to show you, so you can feel sorry for me!