Thursday, May 10, 2007

I Can See The Future

Posts haven't been as frequent as I usually like as of late. Why? Because this mother-lovin' computer is acting up again!

I have no patience for electronical things at the best of times, & I'm pretty sure that my magnetic personality blows fuses or something in all things that require plugging in, & this *#^$#%#ing thing is slower than Allan Clarke in the morning. It's {dare I say it?} almost as slow as those contraptions at work they call 'computers'. Believe me, they use that term loosely.

All I can picture in my head is having to go through all the flippin' files again & trying to decide what to save & what can go. If you think I'm a packrat in life, wait til you see my computer files! I save EVERYTHING!

I'm stressed. I'm cranky {mayhaps hormone levels are a little high today}. I'm up early {damn dentist's office & their damn efficient staff phoning at the ungodly hour of 8:45 am, yes AM!}

Don't be surprised if this happens soon:

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