Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Top 6 Tasks Before LA

I find that it takes at least four times as long as your holiday to prepare for the holiday. So I will be gone for 4 nights, & it will take me 16 days to get everything done. It also takes a lot of money ~ all those last minute things to buy, do, etc. really add up.

I've been packing {in my head} for over a week now, trying to come up with a way I can bring one carry-on & one suitcase, but still pack an extra bag to put all my Outlet Mall purchases in. My brain hurts! There's still so much to do! Doesn't help that PK & I are off to Stoon for a couple days either, & there are several appointments yet to attend to before I go. Man! I need an assistant.

Most important tasks I would make my assistant do to prepare me for my jet set lifestyle:

6. Laundry
5. Pack
4. Dye my roots
3. Tan ~ OK, I might have to take care of that myself
2. Pick up wedding rings, US cash, passport, & travel insurance.
1. Update books & reports for the place-that-I-worship.

Only 9 more sleeps! ACK! I don't have time to be here!

Edit: The numero uno thing I would get my assistant to do is find me a ride to the airport! Ha! Can't believe I forgot that.

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