Monday, April 02, 2007

A Public Appeal

Boys & girls, Wilma here. Looking for some help. Looking for a friend. Looking for a compadre. Looking for a kind, decent soul to aid a super-genius.

I need a ride to the airport! Please, will anyone out there take pity on me? Wednesday, April 11 I must get to Stoon to catch my plane the next morning for LA, Musketeer Adventure Numero Trois.

Anyone need to go shopping? Medical appointment? See a movie? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

You'll be my new bestest friend for-EVAH! Let me know.

P.S. Also will be needing someone to pick me up on Monday, April 16th. I'll pay for gas!


velvis said...

Oh if only I was closer, I would definitely pick you up and drop you off!!


Headgirl said...

Nellie says sorry, am in Saskatoon already, as in with Headmistress & I

Wilma said...

Thanks for the thoughts, guys.

Blue - how long are you gals staying in Stoon?