Thursday, April 19, 2007

Not The Best Deal I've Ever Struck

The boy, Puffy Kracker, has ants in his pants, spring fever, WhatEVAH today & so is working outside like a madman. He cleaned up the lawn last night {before the big rain & thunderstorm} & is now ever so busy with distributing garden ornaments & bird feeders about the yard.

I made a deal with him that he would take care of the outside cleanup ~ including my rock garden ~ while I do the inside, including vacuuming, cleaning the shower, & changing the beds.

I think I received the short end of the stick.


Anonymous said...

Welcome home

I totally disagree though, I think Puffy got the short end of the stick.

You got it good


Wilma said...

But he's only raking leaves - not weeding or trimming plants.

& I haven't vacuumed for years. I don't think I remember how!