Sunday, March 18, 2007

Word Of The Day - Vertigo

One of the many, MANY medical issues I am currently dealing with is vertigo. The spinning sensation whenever I change angle or altitude of my head has been affecting me since Feb. 23rd. For two days last week it felt like I was walking on a ship during a storm. I've been to the doctor twice about it, & his explanation made me think he was on crack.

He told me that a stone has come loose in my inner ear, & that I am going to have to go get it re-aligned. This is apparently done by putting me on a tilty bed & whirling me around until the stone goes back into place.

Seriously, who is going to believe that?

Well, apparently, he knows what he's talking about. To see what's going on inside my super-genius head, click here. Yes, that's right, I have 'displaced otoconia'. Just a fancy name for a screw loose IMHO, but hey, it sounds cool. This is part of the reason why I'm struggling with the weight-loss bet, since I am unable to exercise safely. I mean, my life could be in danger! I could fall & hit my head or something. Nobody wants to see that ~ hopefully.

So I'm waiting for an appointment at the Vertigo Clinic to reposition my otoconia. Until then, I may be weebling & wobbling all over town. Just so you know, I'm not drunk.

Unless I am.

Vertigo ~ not as much fun as U2 led us to believe.


Anonymous said...

I guess that puts a whole different meaning to dizzy blond...LOL. Kind of makes you wonder how that happened! Seriously take care...from the other hyprocondriac QoH

Wilma said...

I don't know how it happened - or why it didn't happen early in my life when I used to hair-dance all the time. Crazy!

Also, we're not hypocondriacs when there is actually stuff wrong with us.