Sunday, February 04, 2007

Word Of The Day - Bet

Peanut & I are in a contest to see who can lose the most pounds & inches from now until we leave for our 3rd annual Three Musketeers LA Adventure. The rules: weekly exchange of weights & measures. The prize: 50 smackeroonees. The humiliation: defeat.

Mental note ~ stuffing a bucket-load of cheese & crackers down my gullet, followed by two egg salad sandwiches is probably not conducive to winning a weight-loss bet. I'm just saying.


Oh Joy said...

You gonna be posting these weights and inches?

Wilma said...

I may post if there are any losses & what the losses are. I think I'll keep the actual amounts to myself, though.

I have to have SOME secrets, don't I?

Headgirl said...

Are you going to share my 'pain' & join me on a wineless stint???
I know from bitter experience, a period of abstinenace, will help loose the pounds, even if it does make dieting even more boring!!!

Wilma said...

Oh, I don't know if I can go that far. Maybe for a week. Maybe.