Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Top 6 Things I Like About My Job

Most people ~ or so PK informs me ~ are not happy about working. They are not happy with where they work, what they do, who they work with or for, & most people have a general dislike for employment. This is usually said to me in response to any complaining I do, especially since I do not work a 40 hour week like he does. Repeatedly, he reminds me of that. Over & over. Ad nauseum.

But, I digress.

So to inspire you all to look on the bright side of life {that song from Monty Python just ran through my head}, look for the silver lining, to have a positive attitude, etc... here are my favourite things about my job & the place where I work.

6. The lack of responsibility ~ this doesn't mean that I don't accept personal responsibilty for all I do at my job. What I like is that I'm not a senior person, not in charge, not responsible for others. Pretty free & easy, actually. I go to work, I serve the client, I come home, my life is my own & I don't think about work.
5. The people ~ for the most part, our clientelle is fun to deal with. Even the difficult ones are good for a laugh or two later at staff parties. Not that we would ever make fun of people. No. Way.

4. The work ~ it's all on computers, baby! I love working on computers. Even when something goes wrong, cuz then you can blame it on the computers! Not that I ever do that. Not. Evah.
3. The money ~ I get paid fairly well compared to other jobs I've had {not great, I mean, I wouldn't turn down a raise, that would be foolish} & the wages do allow me to save up for my adventures.
2. The hours ~ can't complain about the hours. No sirree bob.
1. The staff~ they are a great bunch of people to work with! & for the most part, they get me.

So, I encourage all you boys & girls to think about some positive things about your place of employment. Share them if you like!


Anonymous said...

Stop looking the gift horse in the mouth [PK] and realize that you are lucky that you have someone who gives you the opportunity to have this glorified life...others do have to work those 40 hrs...blah, blah! Where would you be without him?

Wilma said...

I think the question on everyone's minds should be "Where would he be without me?"