Friday, February 02, 2007

I'm A Working Girl

Got called into work this afternoon. Had a brief meeting at Gladys's this morning ~ yes, in the AM! ~ & did some running around town.

Spent 6 hours locked in the epicentre of DBM land {okay, the computer room} yesterday doing year-end final reports, balancing, etc for the place where I worship. This was not conducive to a healthy back & so I am avoiding spending much time here for the next couple days while my muscles & joints recoup.

Kracker is also suffering & home from work today with a bad back. I managed to nip down to the pharmacy & pick up a new bottle of Robaxicet {extra strength!} so we should be better soon.

In other news, FancyPants is coming for a visit tonight. I think I talked to her more often when she lived in Taiwang {as T3 calls it} than since she moved to Harmony. Crazy.


velvis said...

Give Fancy Pants a big hug for me, you two definitely have to come up (come on velvis come up--you think you live in outer space), visit soon, and longer than one day, Reitman's and the casino are calling our names.

Wilma said...

Sounds good. We're trying to figure out a time that will work for us & will co-ordinate with you!