Sunday, January 28, 2007

Word of the Day - Fresh Air

Yesterday, Puffy & I headed out for a brisk walk. Now, boys & girls, you know that I don't normally walk anywhere unless I absolutely have to, but I've decided that I need to start getting some "outside time" so we did 9 blocks. This may not sound like much, but it's a LOOOOONG way for me. I only slipped & just about fell 3 times, which is pretty good for a career klutz such as myself!

Today, will attempt same, although we are invited to Conrad & Bronco B's for supper & I'm not quite sure when we're leaving for Harmony. Plus, don't want to overdue it. These lungs can only handle so much wholesomeness before I succumb to the devil tobacco again.


Oh Joy said...

What the...? I was mid-comment and it cleared the screen. So here we go for try no.2...

Okay, so I am confused, you go OUTSIDE (voluntarily?) and then you walk to no specific place? And what is this fresh air you speak of?

Wilma said...

I KNOW!! It's so weird, but there are people who do it every day.

I can't wait until Puffy gets the treadmill, then this nightmare can be over.

flibirdijibit said...

My word that was ambitious!

Who's doing that everyday? Really.

Wilma said...

Well, it's not me that's for sure.

Dyslexia kicked in for a minute & I thought you had commented "that was ambiguous"

I think I need more sleep.

Oh Joy said...

People do that every single day?