Saturday, January 20, 2007

A Sad, Sad Thing Happened This Week

I'm still in shock.

TSI's annual week-long TheatreFest, the full-length play festival, has been cancelled. They were unable to get more than 4 participating groups, & so decided {quite rightly} it wasn't worth the time & manhours to put festival on.

I can't believe that out of the whole province, out of the 56 voting members of the organization there were only 4 groups who wanted to enter a production for competition! It's so sad. I believe the last time festival was cancelled was during WWII. Now that was a good reason.

What am I going to do at Easter time now? When am I going to see all my friends? How am I going to cope with a healthy liver & plenty of sleep?


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear the Easter play festivals off. Don't worry though, about your liver getting too healthy around then, as I'll be in Town & we have some wine drinking & catching up to do together, aided by I'm sure T2 & T3!!!

Anonymous said...

Well that is a shocking and dissapointing announcement!

Things are not looking good for TheatreOne either at the moment....


Wilma said...

Headgirl - thank you for reminding me of your visit. My liver will thank you!

Pebbles - Theatre is suffering a downturn at the moment, provincially, IMHO. Hopefully, there will be an upswing soon.