Sunday, December 31, 2006

An Open Letter To Sears

Dear Sears;

I recently ordered several pairs of winter boots ~ the kind that go halfway up the calf & have a side zipper enclosure. I was able to close none of them, I repeat, NONE OF THEM! I am an average sized woman. In fact, I'm just slightly taller & slightly heavier than the average Canadian woman. The average Canadian woman's weight is 153 pounds (69.4 kg) and height is 5' 3.4" (161 cm). Source: 2005 Canadian Community Health Survey 3.1, Statistics Canada.

My question to you is: who are these boots being made for? Is this company not targeting the consumer public as a whole, not merely the stick figures we unfortunately see in magazines & TV commercials?

You are doing nothing to help the self-esteem of women & teen girls in this country, in fact, you seem to be doing everything in your power to lower &/or annihilate any personal self-worth of women in Canada. I can only assume that your stock is made with a woman 5'10" 115 lbs in mind, & normal-sized women are sick of it. And we're sick of you! Don't even get me started on your clothes!

I suggest that you do some intensive research into the body shapes & sizes of the women you are trying to entice, & adjust your stock accordingly. I like the convenience of ordering products online for delivery to my local Sears agent. I DO NOT like having to order 3 different sizes in hopes that one will fit. I DO NOT like having an order come & having nothing fit. I DO NOT like the fact that I still have no winter boots.

Please deal with this issue immediately, before I need to order summer clothes & shoes.



Anonymous said...

Love this letter!! Did you send it to them?

Bruno Rocco said...

Better yet wilma just keep ordering stuff and I would order lots .

Then return them

you don't have to pay for the shipping they do.

hit them in their pocket books