Thursday, December 14, 2006

Attention All Men

All guys need to read this article "9 Fashion Myths That Guys Actually Believe"

Myth #1 - Having One Set of Formal Shoes is Enough
Myth #2 - Novelty Ties Are Wit Well Worn
Myth #3 - Accessories are Not Important
Myth #4 - Expensive is Always Better
Myth #5 - All Jeans are Created Equal
Myth #6 - Mixing Patterns is a Bad Idea
Myth #7 - Steel-band Watches go with Everything
Myth #8 - Your Shoes and Belt Must be the Same Color
Myth #9 Pink is a Girl Color

Boys, go there & read the instructional explanations. Girls, print it out for your boys. This is info that is vital to the continual survival of the species.

Oh, & FYI, you also might want to read "10 Grooming Tips Women Want You To Know"

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